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The Farewell Show CD


Release Date: 17/07/2020

Discs: 1

This live album offers an uplifting introduction to the diverse music of Stornoway and a parting gift for all those who followed and supported the band over the years. Featuring heartfelt performances of time-honoured favourites from all three Stornoway albums - “Beachcomber’s Windowsill” (2010), “Tales from Terra Firma” (2013) and “Bonxie” (2015). It turned out to be more than just a live gig:  it was an emotional, celebratory farewell party - a perfectly-preserved time capsule for fans and newcomers to Stornoway to experience.


1. Line Check (live)
2. The Coldharbour Road (live)
3. Between the Saltmarsh and the Sea (live)
4. You Take Me As I Am (live)
5. (A Belated) Invite to Eternity (live)
6. Fuel Up (live)
7. November Song (live)
8. Get Low (live)
9. Josephine (live)
10. Farewell Appalachia (live)
11. I Saw You Blink (live)
12.The Great Procrastinator (live)
13.Zorbing (live)